¡Visit us as guest!

If you’ve made it this far, you just have to take the next step… come see us! 

And if you are more daring, you can even participate with “improv speech”. Signing up does not imply any commitment or cost

. Youth Toastmasters Club is a bilingual club so we alternate between English and Spanish on a weekly basis. 

Take this into account when choosing the date for your visit. 

Our sessions take place every Wednesday from 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. through Zoom



Click the button below and access our weekly event on Eventbrite.


Check if there are places available in the next session. The places are published on Wednesday morning.


If so, sign up! We will only use your contact information to send you confirmation.

¿What we do in our sessions?

If you really want to know what a Youth Toastmasters Club session is like, you will have to come visit us. The only thing we can assure you is that there are five things that are never, never lacking in our meetings:


You will enjoy the speeches that the members prepare with the aim of improving the different aspects of public speaking included in the manuals: structure, body language, vocal variety, storytelling, humor, sales ...


Imagine: to deliver a mini speech on a topic that you will not know ... until you are in front of your audience! An excellent practice to improve improvisation, temper your nerves and learn to think very, very fast.


Evaluations between members help us to consolidate what we do best and to reinforce what we still need to improve. Learning to do evaluations in a positive and constructive way is fundamental in our club.


Today you are the presenter of the session and tomorrow time keeper. Each week the necessary roles in the sessions are performed by different members. This is how we all develop our communication and leadership skills.


Be ready: we at Toastmasters applaud, and we do it a lot. We believe that every intervention in public deserves it. Clapping is our way of saying to each other: well done brave! keep it up!

Become a member

Become Youth Toastmasters Club member, we recommend  you to visit us at least three times so that you can feel the excellent atmosphere and energy of our sessions.

You will be welcome by a member of our committee that will explain everything you need to know about Toastmasters, how the club works, and how to start the process.

Sessions are completely free for guests. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to speak. But if you are brave and want to participate in the improvised speeches section, let us know, it will be a pleasure to listen to you! Click here to sign up for our next session.

After visiting us a minimum of three times, you can be a candidate to join our club. Admission takes place at the beginning of each month.

Guests who come regularly and participate in the sessions (in the impromptu speeches, for example) will have priority for admission to the Youth Toastmaster Club.

To register, we will ask you to complete a document with your personal information. The semester fee € 60 (€ 10 per month). Includes membership to Toastmasters International and you will also receive the monthly magazine.


As a new member you will receive:

A mentor who will guide you through the club and help you prepare until your third speech.

Your access codes to our internal EasySpeak platform.

As a new member you must:

Confirm your attendance or absence in EasySpeak for each session.

Regularly attend club meetings.

Participate with the roles in the sessions to begin to improve your leadership and communication skills

We hope to see you soon in our sessions!